Tale of two health exchanges: 'Mad rush' in Kentucky & 'chase phase' in Ohio as 3/31 deadline nears

CINCINNATI - As the deadline for enrolling in a health insurance plan nears, Kentucky's kynect program is seeing a "mad rush" for last-minute signups. In Ohio, navigators plan events to to help the uninsured meet the Monday deadline.

According to John Losey, kynector IPA (In Person Assistant) for the Boone County Office of Northern Kentucky Community Action, the mad rush started last week. His schedule is completely filled with appointments through the final day of registration. He said he’s expects to enroll about twice the number of people as last month.

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For procrastinators, waiting to sign up can be a costly experience. Trey Daly, Director of Enroll America in Ohio, said the uninsured face two repercussions. Aside from the fines, the financial risk of incurring high medical debt is spurring people to register at the eleventh hour.

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