Turn down for what? Because lowering temps while you sleep can boost your metabolism

Sleeping in a cooler setting can boost your metabolism, a new study suggests.

Experts of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) said if you turn down your thermostat, the colder temperatures can stimulate the type of body fat that burns energy in your body.

With a heightened metabolism, you're more likely to avoid obesity and diabetes.

Denise Dador of ABC7 in Los Angeles reported that NIH tested healthy male volunteers for the study, who slept in climate-controlled bedrooms for four months. Using a positron emission tomography (PET) scan, experts monitored the participants' metabolisms.

A PET scan uses a radioactive substance to search for disease in the body.

Findings showed the men burned the most calories when they snoozed in a room set at 66 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature that activated their brown adipose tissue.

Brown fat is sometimes known as "good fat." as it can strip sugar from your blood stream to fry calories. The process helps you maintain a constant body temperature.

"When people were placed in a colder environment, they were able to burn what they ate faster," Dr. Rahul Dhawan, an internal medicine specialist, told Dador.

Dhawan said sleeping in a cooler environment, however, is not a direct way to drop pounds.

With all weight loss, doctors recommend regular exercise and clean, controlled eating.

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