Being bullied? Plastic surgery is a fix for some kids

RICHMOND, Virginia - If someone is making fun of your face, you could always just get a new one.

That's one way some kids are dealing with bullying, according to WRIC, Richmond, VA.'s ABC-affiliate.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons numbers show at least 76,000 cosmetic procedures were done on teens in 2011, a 30 percent increase in kids getting plastic surgery in the last decade.

Kendall Elliot, 6, is one example of a child turning to plastic surgery to remove a growing mole on her face.

"Kids at preschool would ask if they could touch it, ask what it is," said Katherine Elliot, Kendall's mother. "And it wasn't just curious kids—even well-meaning adults really started to notice. Adults would stop me in the store and say, ‘Oh, she has something on her face, chocolate on her face. Here's a tissue, wipe it off her face.'"

So the family got Kendall's mole removed.

According to WRIC, the most common plastic surgeries in children are pinning back protruding ears and removal of moles, birth marks and scars.

Want to know more? Check out WRIC's full story here .


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