An electrifying answer to your fitness goals, motivation to come from new band's shock

Chances are you laid out your gym clothes, set your alarm, and hopped into bed last night plans to go straight to the gym this morning.

But when your alarm sounded, your plans to workout were suddenly squashed because it was too easy to turn off the alarm, roll over and go back to sleep.

Maybe you thought that because you slept in, you’d save energy through your day at work and head to the gym when your shift ended.        

But at the end of your shift, you decided that a power nap and a small bite to eat were better options at the time.

Before you know it, the sun sets and your bedtime rolls around – all before you even laced up your tennis shoes.

An answer to your excuses and lack of motivation could come out soon.

A new fitness band is designed to deliver an electric shock when you slack off – a jolt to get you going.
The Pavlock fitness band, according to Victoria Wolk of Prevention Magazine, will send 340 volts of electric current your way if you fall short of your fitness goals.

Wolk said the shock will feel similar to the static electricity felt when you touch a metal doorknob.

Maneesh Sethi is the founder and CEO of Pavlock. He told Wolk that the Pavlock band’s goals are different than current gadgets on the market, because the new band can change your habits, rather than simply track sleep patterns and steps taken. The electric shock, Sethi said, helps people break bad habits and begin good routines.

The Pavlock band is forecasted to hold users accountable for their fitness goals, and provide rewards when goals are met. Wolk said specific goals have not been named yet, but they could include money, gift cards and gym membership incentives.

On the other hand, users will face consequences when they fall behind. For instance, skipping a workout cold mean you’d owe money to another Pavlock band user, or get a hit of 340 volts.

According to Wolk’s report, Sethi said the shock doesn’t hurt, but it serves as a stimulus for your brain to associate with a particular action to form new habits.

After one year of using the Pavlock band, Sethi said he’s lost about 30 pounds, practices daily meditation and spends less time on social media.

Wolk said the Pavlock band is under its development stage, and predicted to debut in early 2015. It’s estimated cost is between $149 - $229.

Holly Pennebaker writes health and fitness content for WCPO.
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