Checkups: At Christ Hospital, Arthrex lets patients review what happened to joints during surgery

CINCINNATI - We take pictures and video to record the great moments in our lives. So how would you like to have a permanent record of your own surgery?

The Christ Hospital Health Network has installed new technology that records and stores high definition video during arthroscopic procedures, involving the shoulders, knees, hips, and other joints.

It’s called the Arthrex Synergy HD3 imaging platform, and it integrates the operations of a high-definition camera, LED light source, and an iPad tablet.

“It really greatly enhances the experience of the patients from the actual surgery to the post-op recovery,” says Marc C. Schneider, MD, orthopedic surgeon with The Christ Hospital Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.

Watch our interview with Dr. Schneider in the video player above!

During an arthroscopic procedure, surgeons make a small incision in the patient’s skin and then insert small instruments that contain a lens and lighting system, allowing them to see inside the joint and do their work.

With the new technology, doctors can send their patients a post-op report, including video, allowing them to actually watch their surgeries on an iPad.

The goal is to help patients better understand what happened during surgery and what’s ahead during rehab.

“This is a digital record of your surgery,” says Schneider. “Kind of like Monday Night Football, I’m able to annotate and put labels on some of the things in the picture here to help educate you as a patient and the physical therapist afterward."

The new technology also allows doctors to communicate with their patients when they’re not groggy from the effects of anesthesia.

“There are often times I will talk to the family or even will talk to you as a patient after surgery, but because of the anesthesia, you won’t have any recollection at all,” says Schneider. “So I can record a brief video message to let you know how things went and what I did.”

The new imaging system is installed in operating rooms on The Christ Hospital campus in Mt. Auburn and The Christ Hospital Surgery Center in Madisonville. It can also be used for teaching residents and surgeons, as well as patients and families.

Learn more about arthroscopy from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

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