Goodwill counts on tax season

If you plan to make a charitable donation, and deduct it on your tax return... You have until Saturday to do it.

That is making local charity brace for its busiest day of the year.  New Years Eve is the equivalent of "Black Friday" for Goodwill Industries. The organization is clearing out its warehouse to make room for your stuff.

"The last couple of days of the year we usually get about 400 calls or cars a day with donations," said Woodlawn store manager Krysta Ryan.  "So we're working back here trying to price all of these (current) donations to get them on the sales floor."

Workers will be here from  seven in the morning until eight at night to keep up with the load.

"we work hard but we love it," said production manager Minerva Humita. "We challenge in money, how much we can produce every day. "

The crew tries to see how much inventory they can price per hour.  Minerva has been known to price up to $500 an hour.

"We have different prices and we try to make as much 'money' as we can," she said.  "We do about $2,500 a day."

"This is the most important time to donate," said Ryan.  "It supplies all of our stores, all 16 of them throughout the whole year."

Last year, locally, more than 44 million products were recycled this way, and more than $17 million were paid in wages as part of Goodwill's mission, of putting people to work.

"So were just trying to get everyone to bring their donations in and support our mission and clean out your house," said Ryan.

When you drop off your stuff, you can get a charitable giving receipt to use when itemizing your taxes.

Click here to visit the Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries.

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