Fourth largest Powerball jackpot up to $325 million

NORWOOD, Ohio - The fourth largest Powerball jackpot is being drawn at $325 million Saturday night.

Cashiers at Speedway gas station in Norwood said they had their fair share of customers purchasing tickets on Saturday.

Powerball ticket sales have been great for Speedway all week. However, cashiers said they did not notice an increase in ticket sales due to the holiday. Cashiers said sales have been steady.

Customers told 9 News what they would do with the money if they won the Powerball.

"Probably retire somewhere nice and sunny and warm with a beach somewhere," Forest Park resident Lori Roberts said.

"I'd try to catch up on my bills," Oakley resident Joe Spitzig said.

"I'd give a lot of money to my church, my family, I'd help some friends of mine and I'd keep some," Newport, Ky. resident John Hatfield said.

The cash only option for Saturday's jackpot is $212.8 million.

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