Fire hydrants unusable in parts of Boone County

UNION, Ky. - Fire destroyed a home in Union, Ky. Thursday and the firefighters that responded were unable to use fire hydrants near the home.

"My parents assumed, they lived right across from a fire hydrant, they would never have to face this issue, and they lost everything," said Judy Krey, daughter of the fire victims.

Union Fire Chief Michael Morgan says the water pressure on Beaver Road, where the fire erupted, was too strong for his department to use.

"Believe it or not the hydrants down here have too high of a pressure, and they rupture our hoses and there is a blow off valve on our trucks that they blow off when we hook up to those," said Morgan.

The Boone County Water District says the pressure has to be as high as it is to be able to supply water to the western parts of Boone County.

The Boone County Water District has supplied an adapter that Union firefighters can use to reduce the water pressure, but firefighters say it doesn't do enough.

"We've looked into buying a couple apparatuses for them, it's a pressure reducing valve it hooks to their tank, and if the pressure is too great, it blows the water out of the pressure reducing valve to save their tank from blowing up," said Harry Anness, Project Coordinator for the Boone County Water District.

Morgan says the device doesn't lower the water pressure enough for his firefighters to use the hydrants in question.

Thursday's fire on Beaver Road is the third house fire in that area.

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