Family homeless after 100-year-old home burns

CINCINNATI - As Bradley Powell, Sr. watched his memories burn away Saturday evening, he still managed to stay calm through it all.

"If you're the head of the household, the head has to be stable for the family to perform," he said.
Powell was not home when the fire started, but his cousin, nephew and dog Bramax were. They all made it out alive.
"I got a call from my cousin saying my house was on fire," he said. "He said my porch was on fire so I rushed home to find out what happened."
Fire crews have not figured out what caused the 100-year-old home on the corner of Doberrer Avenue and Hand Street to go up in flames, but they do know it took 34 firefighters and a lot of hard work to put the fire out.
"The problem was gaining access to the attic area with the wood," District 3 Acting Fire Chief Michael Hines said about the fire that took more than three and a half hours to completely subdue.
The heaviest flames were on the right-hand corner of the first floor.
As for Powell, he had to tell the bad news to his wife over the phone since she is in Arizona for work.
"My wife takes pictures," he said. "They're memories you carry for a lifetime that you won't see no more."
Powell said he will stay with family until he figures out what to do. He has homeowner's insurance and already filed a claim.
The building was described by fire officials as a "total loss" and damage to the property is estimated at $150,000.
The fire remains under investigation.

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