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Eric Deters records heated exchange with Kenton County police officer over speeding ticket

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INDEPENDENCE, Ky. - What appeared to be a routine traffic stop late Sunday night turned into a heated exchange between a Kenton County police officer and attorney Eric Deters.

On Monday, Deters posted an audio file on his Facebook page he recorded of the conversation he had with an unidentified officer after that officer pulled Deters over for speeding.

"You know what's wrong with Independence and southern Kenton County?" Deters can be heard saying as the officer approaches his car. "There are so many cops you can't drive from freaking (sic) right there to the end of Independence any given time of day without passing three or four. It is totally unnecessary."

Independence is home to both the Independence Police Department and Kenton County police. Kenton County police confirmed they were the department to issue Deters a ticket for going 54 in a 35 mile-per-hour zone.

On the audio file, Deters proceeds to accuse the Kenton County Police Department of setting up speed traps, neglecting ‘real' crimes, persecuting young people and not instead battling what he called a heroin epidemic in southern Kenton County.

"Does that make you feel better?" Deters asks the officer who can be heard speaking with Deters on the audio file.

Listen to audio file here (warning, recording contains explicit language):

At one point, the conversation heats up after the officer said he had planned to issue Deters a warning, but Deter in turn demands his ticket. When Deters continues to lecture the officer, the officer can be heard stating a few choice words, and stating Deters was on the verge of disorderly conduct if he stepped out of his vehicle.

"You are harassing me," Deters responds. "You should treat every citizen the right way, including me. I've never been arrested in my life. You arrest me for disorderly conduct for how I am talking to you, nice lawsuit."

The audio file ends as the officer can be heard walking away from Deters car, presumably to write Deters his ticket.

Kenton County Police Chief Brian Capps said his department felt no need to comment on the incident.

"You can take it for what it's worth," Capps said. "People can make up their own mind by what transpired on the audio."

In the uniform citation involving Deters it was noted that "upon contact with violator, subject became extremely belligerent toward officer and stated that officers were running a speed trap, yet he did not know the posted speed limit even though he had resided in area for a number of years."





On Tuesday, Deters was in a Kenton County courtroom for the retrial of the defamation case of ex-Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones versus



On Facebook, reaction was mixed to Deters' exchange with the officer.

Jill Bruegge stated, "What an IDIOT! Had a farm in Independence for over twenty years, never pulled over once!"

Other commenters, such as Marc Caudill agreed with Deters.

"Way to many officers these days to enforce laws that even they themselves don't abide by. People are truly becoming outraged for being pushed around by insurance companies & mad mothers."

This is not the first time Deters has had an exchange with a Kenton County Police officer.

In 2009, Deters faced off with Kenton County officer Larry Sheldon in a cage match for charity, after Deters taunted the department on a 700 WLW radio program he hosted at the time.

Deters lost that fight by submission to Sheldon.

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