UC, Cincinnati State sign 'historic agreement' to ease transfers from 2-year to 4-year school

CINCINNATI – As the echoes of University of Cincinnati’s pep band died down in the hallways of Cincinnati State Community and Technical College, President O’dell Owens asked members to raise their hands if they were Cincinnati State students.

Four of the 13 band members did. It was the most tangible sign of the growing cooperation between UC and Cincinnati State. The schools announced a new agreement Wednesday that strengthens ties between them in an effort to help students transfer from Cincinnati State to UC with all of their credits and with a focus on a bachelor’s degree that was honed through extensive counseling while earning their associate’s degrees. For Cincinnati State students who go on to finish a four-year degree at UC, the new agreement could result in a tuition savings of more than half.

“We’ve been dating, we’ve been engaged, and today we’ll be married,” Owens said of the new articulation agreement.

The schools have had articulation agreements in the past, but the one they signed today beefs it up considerably. The new agreement guarantees that Cincy State graduates with a 2.0 GPA or better will be admitted to UC, though higher standards still apply to UC colleges, such as DAAP, that are more selective.

It also establishes the Cincinnati Pathways Scholars program, which establishes new benefits:
• Scholars program graduates from Cincinnati State with a 3.4 GPA will be eligible for a $2,100 annual scholarship to UC, renewable for another two semesters if the student maintains a 3.2 GPA and earns 24 credit hours toward a degree.
• The program allows Cincy State students who have completed 15 credit hours with a 3.25 or better GPA to be granted an ID card that gives them access to UC’s libraries, sporting events that don’t require a ticket, invitations to programs and events and access to UC’s recreation center for a fee.
• In addition, honors program graduates of Cincinnati State will be accepted into the UC Honors Program and will have standing to graduate as Honors Scholars from UC if they complete certain courses.

“This is a historic agreement,” UC President Santa Ono said. “We are really committed to a lifelong relationship.”

Ono said the most important element of a successful college experience is personal interaction, which the agreement bolsters thanks to the counseling component that encourages advisors from both schools to collaborate on site at Cincinnati State to help students forge and maintain plans for an associate degree and a bachelor’s.

In an interview following the formal presentation, Ono said he expects the agreement will translate into more Cincinnati State students enrolling at UC. Currently one-third of Cincinnati State graduates transfer there, according to Owens.

The agreement helps budget-conscious students. Cincinnati State’s annual tuition of $4,359 per year is less than half of UC’s $10,784 for Ohio residents.

“For those parents who send their children to Cincinnati State and watch them graduate from UC, what a deal,” Owens said, as part of a jovial presentation. “This is the day of the Os – Santa Ono, O’dell Owens. Oh my God, what a great relationship.”

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