Student of the Week: Nicolas Hershey

Nicolas Hershey is No. 1, seriously, he’s at the top of his senior class at Sycamore High School with a 4.0 GPA.

Hershey is a member of several academic and civic clubs including the National Honor Society, where he serves as vice-president.

“Nick saw a need to make the record keeping more efficient. Over this past summer he created a website to streamline the process. It worked so well that Nick contacted other chapters throughout Ohio,” said Karen Bare, with the high school.

"I realized that I could make it so any school could use it, so I made some tutorial videos, now 14 schools, and over a thousand students use the website," said Hershey.

In her nomination, Bare says, “Nick's computer skills have also taken him to Children's Hospital where he has engaged in several research projects including a website for easier visual analysis of results from microarray data. In addition, Nick volunteers as a Bhangra dance instructor for children ages 7-12 each spring.”

Valerie Nimeskern, a teacher with Sycamore High School and a National Honor Society advisor, "His peers look up to him. When we're in class discussion, they look toward Nick to lead it and he does. He's very insightful. He's a great role model for anybody.”

Nicolas is also a member of the cross-country team, the tennis team, the Biology Club and the Math Club. He holds leadership positions in all of these organizations.

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