Student of the Week: Nick Merk

Nick Merk is an 8th grader at St. Martin of Tours School.

Merk may not be in high school yet, but he’s already a standout, many people are taking notice of.

One of his teachers, Sarah Kemme, says “Nick is a wonderful young man! When I see star Student on the new I think of him immediately. Not only does Nick have the highest GPA in his class, a 4.0, he is also one of the most involved students that I know.”

"He sets the bar pretty high for the kids. Kids look up to him and you can see that in the classroom," said Kemme.

Nick is also a member of the school’s leadership council.

"Just like the whole, that we're leaders of the school was really appealing to me and that we went out and did a lot of service projects," said Merk.

Merk is involved in nearly every school mission and service project, as well as helping out at school whenever needed. Teachers say Nick is a student you can go to when you need someone you can count on.

“For example,” Kemme says, “at our first leadership council meeting we were discussing each month’s service project. Nick was the only member of the council that came with not only different project ideas, but different charities that he would like to help and why.”

“Nick is always wearing a smile. He is positive, has a love of learning, and is determined to go far. Nick is the kid that will pick up a student when they are down and encourages those around him, even when that isn't the easiest thing to do. My classroom is a better place to be because Nick is in it,” says Kemme.

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