Student of the Week: Megan Desrosiers

Megan Desrosiers is only a junior at Mt. Notre Dame High School, but she’s a stellar standout at the school.

She has a 4.0 G.P.A. and is a top student. Megan is a member of the National Honor Society

Desrosiers’ teachers will tell you they’re happy to have her in class.

Todd Forman, a teacher, community service leader and Youth Philanthropy Director says, “Megan is an amazing young woman that I have had the privilege of knowing and working with for the past three years.”

Megan is the leader of the Youth Philanthropy Program, where she leads a group of 70 people on how to spread a $5,000 grant to local non-profits.

Helping others and service activities is an area Desrosiers excels in. Megan enjoys emceeing events like the awards ceremony for Magnified Giving.

"I had no clue there were so many people, so many organizations doing so much for the community, and just to be able to work with these amazing people, and honestly I believe that they've touched my life more than I've been able to help them," Desrosiers said.

Megan has made several service trips throughout the region to share her happiness and a helping hand.

Forman says, “Megan's work ethic is second to none, and I count on her leadership each trip.”

Last, but certainly least, Megan is a standout athlete.  She was selected to be a part of the pre-Olympic soccer team and plays varsity soccer at Mt. Notre Dame.

Forman said, “I have been teaching for 25 years, and Megan is one of those rare students that I will always remember for many reasons. She is type of girl that every parent would like their daughters to be model after -- including me.”

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