Student of the Week: Kurtis McIntosh

Our latest student of the week is a senior at Madison High School in Middletown. Kurtis McIntosh has a 4.2 G.P.A. and will graduate in the top three of his class.

“Kurtis is one of the most positive kids I have been around in 30 years of teaching/coaching. He is always trying to help others,” Jeff Smith, a teacher and coach at Madison, said.

McIntosh is a member of the National Honor Society and German Honor Society. He also flexes his muscle on the soccer field and basketball court.

Kurtis is a winner of the YMCA Character Award, the Honda/OSU Math Medal, and has been a Presidential Student of Excellence every year at Madison. He is a member of the concert and pep bands.

Even though he has loaded himself down with Advanced Placement courses and numerous extracurricular activities, Kurtis still finds time to help out in his community and be role model for his classmates and the faculty at Madison.

“I always want to work hard and be nice to everyone. Try and get good grades for everyone and show that that is important, not to take school as a joke,” McIntosh said.

That leadership led to McIntosh being named a captain of the basketball team for this season.

“For our younger kids to see what a great job he does in the classroom, does a great job with his teammates as far as being a good teammate and working hard every day in practice… I was thrilled for our kids to get to see him in that leadership role,” Smith said.

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