Student of the Week: Jessica Schilling

Jessica Schilling is a student who is never afraid of a challenge. The Beechwood High School senior is working to be the valedictorian of her class.

Ask any of her teachers and they will tell you not only what a benefit Jessica is to have in class, but the leader she is for her classmates.

Mary Philippe, a counselor at Beechwood says, “Jessica is one of those rare students who asks questions to go further and deeper into all subjects. She is succinct, creative, and unique. She has the capability of pulling her knowledge for success, as one instructor commented, in a fashion which is much higher than most.”

It’s not just in the classroom that Jessica is leading the pack. She is also a two sport athlete, competing in soccer and basketball.

Schilling also finds time to volunteer at places like the Isaiah House in Covington.

"I like the more direct volunteer work just because you can see the change we've made... I just think if I had time to help people who needed help, then I'd be stupid not to do it," said Schilling.

“Jessica has always been a strong and positive role model for younger students, and a true leader in the classroom and on the playing field. Her instructors have said that one Jessica’s most treasured characteristic is her fine character and the kindness that she displays toward others,” says Philippe.

Jessica somehow finds time in her day to also help out anyone who may need someone to talk to or just vent a little.

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