Student of the week donates bone marrow, inspires her community

HARRISON, Ohio - A William Henry Harrison student's accomplishments have helped her grow and learn about sacrifice, too.

Lexis Dole is the president of the Key Club, chairperson of the homecoming parade and is ranked first in her class. Her academic and extra-curricular activities aside, her donation of bone marrow is one of her most astounding accomplishments.

Dole's little brother is in remission from Leukemia. Lexis donated bone marrow to save his life.

"It definitely makes you grow up quick. And I also realized how much our community at Harrison supports us because I know that was the biggest tragedy of my life and my family's, but with all the support from the school and it really just helps and makes you realize what a great place you're living in," said Dole.

Because of that, Dole organized fundraisers to raise money to help families with kids at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Her teachers say not only is she an inspiration to her fellow students, but also the entire Harrison community.

"They are so appreciative to have her here. All the help she gives for all the different organizations she's in, and the positive attitude. I've never seen her walk down the hallway without a smile," said Jenny Barker, a guidance counselor at William Harrison High School.

Dole would like to go to the University of Notre Dame and earn a business degree.

"I'm involved in so many things and I try to have a positive about everything I can," Dole said. "And if something bad happens at school I like to try and turn it around into a good thing and see the bright side of everything and I love to help people."

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