Student of the Week: Brooke Harkrader

Brooke Harkrader is in the top two-percent of her junior class at Randall K. Cooper High School High School in Boone County.

Brooke takes advanced placement classes and dual enrollment classes with Northern Kentucky University.

"She has a passion for learning and achieving and her grades reflect this desire to succeed," Butch Hamm, Cooper instructional coach, said.

Brooke is an active athlete. She is an avid swimmer and represents Cooper on the swim and dive team where she has won numerous awards and recognitions for her talents. 

Brooke volunteers at a local swim club where she works with handicap children on learning to exercise their muscles in the pool.

“Brooke shared with me a story of one of her greatest successes when she helped a handicap student overcome the fear of water in order to get regular exercise to much needed atrophied muscles in her legs. It was through her calm demeanor that she was able to talk this student into appreciating the pool environment,” Hamm said.

Brooke also devoted time in the Brighton Center's homeless count.

Brooke said, "They were so grateful. It was amazing just to see how grateful they were for what I was doing. It made me feel very appreciated. And it was just fun. It was cold out and you would think it would have been miserable but we were all out there, jumping around talking, helping them.”

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