Student of the Week: Auna'y Miller of Winton Woods High School

Auna’y Miller is a junior at Winton Woods High School but is already a leader at the school.

Miller ranks 10th in her class of 260 students with a 3.77 gpa while taking honors and advanced placement courses.

“Miller is truly an exceptional student” writes Kevin Jones, a counselor and coordinator of the Academy Of Global Studies At Winton Woods High School. “In my 13 years of working at Winton Woods High School I have met very few students who display the academic and leadership potential that Auna’y possesses.”

It’s not just in school where Auna’y excels. She is proud to devote time outside of class to help out in her community, including the Ronald McDonald House.

"I didn't realize [the Ronald McDonald House] was such a big place and they help a lot of people... I was really happy to be a part of that and help other families," said Miller.

"She understands the importance of serving others and being others focused and having empathy towards others. So those type of characteristics and character traits, I think are going to lead her to doing great things in the future," said Jones.

Auna’y worked as a Youth Docent at the National Underground Freedom Center and would lead tours and work with the visitors of the museum.

After graduation in 2015, Miller hopes to attend the University of North Carolina or possibly Wake Forest, where she would like to study biomedical engineering.

But don’t hold her to it, she is still considering her options.

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