Simon Kenton senior sets herself apart from the rest of the pack

INDEPENDENCE, Ky. - Our student of the week for the week of Nov. 26, is a star at Simon Kenton High School in Independence, Ky. She's an athlete, a volunteer and ready for any challenge that comes her way.

Chloe Turner has always tried to distinguish herself, after all, she does have a twin sister.

Chrissy Hoerlein, a teacher at Simon Kenton, says if she were to go back to high, she would want to be more like Turner.

"[Turner] is an amazing student with fantastic school spirit. I have had the pleasure of teaching her Accelerated World History and how have her as a peer tutor. [Turner] is a very dedicated student, she obtained a five on her AP US History class earning college credit her junior year," Hoerlein said. "She takes rigorous classes and maintains a high GPA, this year taking AP English, Calculus and Chemistry, and is involved in many extra curricular activities."

Turner says she has a passion for helping.

"I think that a lot of people can see that I'm a hard worker and that if they need help with something I'm always willing to help, especially if it's studying or maybe they just need somebody to talk to," said Turner.

Hoerlein says Turner is a fantastic role model for her fellow classmates. She has strong ethics, doesn't give into peer pressure, and will stand up for what she believes, she added.

"Simon Kenton is lucky to have [Turner] and her positive 'I can make a difference' attitude," Hoerlein said.

Turner also enjoys giving back to those less fortunate than her, including helping to raise money for UNICEF.

"I know all those people are so grateful, especially when you meet those people that your helping. Just, they are so grateful it's just like I wish I could do more because they have so little and I have so much I could do for them," said Turner.

After graduation, Turner plans on attending Western Kentucky University, where she plans on studying environmental planning and resource management, so she can "save the world."

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