Field Trip: A science a day keeps the 'learning loss' at bay, say YMCA Camp Kern counselors

OREGONIA, Ohio - Teachers around the Tri-State use innovative and creative means to engage their students and instill a love of learning. With our "Field Trip" series, we head back to camp or school for lessons in what works.

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For some summer campers, science class was in session the week of June 16. Youths at YMCA Camp Kern had the opportunity to learn while having fun with a variety of science activities.

“They (campers) may already be interested in science, but if not, we try to show them it’s not just boring numbers and periodic tables; it can be fun, too,” said camp counselor Grady Simms.

While campers are learning about science and gaining new skills, they also are learning the YMCA’s values: Caring, trustworthiness, honesty and responsibility.

“We try to instill values in the kids, like sharing, not to bully and not to fight,” Simms said.

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