Field Trip: At Circus Mojo, clowning around can be serious stuff

Juggling, trapeze, stilts and self-confidence

Kids from around the Tri-State learned new skills while clowning around this summer. From stilt walking to spinning plates and juggling, children ages 7 through 17 experienced circus life from the perspective of performers at Circus Mojo.

Circus Mojo was started by owner Paul Miller in 2009. Miller, who is also known as Pauly the Clown, was formerly a Ringling Bros. circus clown. He went on to teach at Greater Cincinnati nonprofit My Nose Turns Red and for Circus Minimus in New York City before purchasing the Ludlow Theatre building in Ludlow, Ky., where Circus Mojo now resides.

This is the fifth year Circus Mojo has offered summer camp. The camp draws about 20 to 25 children from Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky most weeks. Some youths even travel and vacation with family to attend. Circus Mojo has served up to 100 kids in a day, when youths from other camps visit the facility on field trips.

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