Cincinnati Zoo launches new education outreach that guides kids from toddlers to high school

CINCINNATI – Tyeisha Cole was an 11-year-old with a passion for nature and the cards stacked against her. Her mom was struggling to make ends meet for Tyeisha and her little sister, making everyday life a challenge and the path toward a good education and fulfilling career a steep one.

"Yeah, it was hard. Mom was a single mother, and we were taking care of our dying grandparents. A dollar could only stretch so far," she said. "We definitely had it rough coming up, but my mom always emphasized education."

Cole dreamed of a better life, and the vehicle she chose to help get her there was Cincinnati Zoo's education program.

Her story of making dreams come true is one that the zoo's education staff hopes to replicate many times over as it celebrates the 40th anniversary of the zoo's education program. Building on the success of students like Cole, the zoo is unveiling its most ambitious offering to date called Zoo Troop.

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