Anti-abortion display upsets some students at Northern Kentucky University

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. – Large photos of bloody, mutilated fetuses on Northern Kentucky University’s central plaza are drawing strong reactions from some students this week.

“The images are too graphic,” freshman Tera Stadtmiller told the student newspaper, The Northerner. “They’re nasty. Abortion is a woman’s choice.” 

Northern Right to Life, a student organization, invited the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform to put up the anti-abortion photos Wednesday and Thursday in front of the Student Union as a part of the Genocide Awareness Project on campus. 

“Obviously, not everyone loves the display,” Christopher Cole, NKU Director of Marketing and Communications, told 9 On Your Side.

“This is a traveling, external group that goes from campus to campus. They went through the formal procedure so (NKU), as a public university, had to approve it.”

Many students reacted with varying degrees of shock, surprise and disgust, the Northerner reported.

Northern Right to Life President Ella Beckman said it carried an important message for students.

“It’s important to show people what it (abortion) really is,” Beckman told The Northerner. 

“We’re only out here to do education,” said Jane Bullington, project director for the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.

Cole said he had not heard of any reports of confrontations over the display.

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