Destructive beetle found in Tate Township

Clermont Co. trees at risk

BETHEL, Ohio - Parts of Clermont County are under a state imposed quarantine.

The Asian Long Horned Beetle has been discovered in Tate Township near Bethel. The large insect bores holes into trees and destroys them from the inside out.

The entire township, including all of East Fork State Park is in the quarantined area.

Residents are asked to not move brush or firewood beyond the affected area, and to report people who do.

"We need local help from every citizen to follow the quarantine that we have in place," said Matt Beal of the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

"Don't take small branches away, if they do fall down within the regulated area of Tate Township and East Fork State Park the material needs to stay on the site, because that is how this beetle can spread," added Beal.

Representatives from the USDA joined Ohio officials in Bethel Thursday evening to help educate residents about the bugs.

Maple trees seem to be the favorite target of the beetles.

The Tate Township infestation is the first known case in Ohio. Department of Agriculture officials believe the beetles came in packing material in a shipment from China.

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