Shayna Hubers: Bond set at $1.5M for woman charged in 2012 death of boyfriend

NEWPORT, Ky. -- Bond was set at $1.5 million Friday for the woman accused of killing her boyfriend nearly two years earlier at his apartment in Highland Heights.

Shayna Hubers, 24, took the stand in a Campbell County courtroom Monday, asking a judge for the second time if she can post bail. She has remained in the Campbell County Detention Center since her October 2012 arrest for the fatal shooting of her Ryan Poston in his Meadow Lane apartment.

On Friday, her request to post bail was granted, as Judge Fred A. Stine deemed she is "bailable as a matter of law."

READ: Court Document (also available below)

"(The) Commonwealth has not indicated that it would seek the death penalty nor did it argue that as a capital offense, (Hubers) could be held without bail. Arguably, this makes (Hubers) bailable as a matter of law," according to the court document signed by Stine.

If the bond is paid, she will four special conditions attached to her release:
  • She will reside with and be in custody of he parents at a residents with a Campbell County, Kentucky address;
  • She is restricted to that address except for meetings with her attorney;
  • She must wear a GPS tracking device and must report to the Office of Pretrial Services as directed, a minimum of three times per week in person; and 
  • She shall have no contact with the victim’s family personally or through third parties.

Stine set the bond figure at $1.5 million because while Hubers has no criminal history, the seriousness of the allegations against her, the inconsistency of her "statements" and the perception of her being a flight risk made the figure both "reasonable and necessary."

He also noted that "a judge could reasonably find (Hubers) a danger to the community" but declined to do so because "such a determination is uniquely dependent on a jury's verdict."

A judge originally denied her bail in February 2013 based on evidence submitted by Campbell County detectives.

"Eleven days before the murder, a text message to her friend Christy: 'When I go to the shooting range with Ryan tonight I want to turn around, shoot and kill him and play like it's an accident,'" Campbell County Commonwealth’s Attorney Michelle Snodgrass said last year. "Eleven days before the murder."

Hubers’ defense attorney, Jon Paul Ryan countered at the time his client had no prior record, and was not a flight risk.

"I think when you look at things in context, it's going to be obvious things happened very quickly, in a very short period of time without any thought that when into this. It's a tragic event and I think the community and the jury need to hear the whole story," Rion said.

On Monday, those same detectives, and Huber's own mother took the stand, to argue both for and against letting Huber out of jail as she awaits trial.

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