Nigel Pitts bond set at $200,000, lower than any other murder suspect so far in 2014

CINCINNATI – The same judge that set an unusually low bond for a murder suspect, retroactively increased the amount Friday morning.

Originally set at $200,000 with a 10 percent requirement Thursday morning, Judge Tyrone Yates increased the bond amount for Nigel Pitts, 24, to $400,000 with no 10 percent option.

Still, the increased amount remains lower than any other adult murder suspect this year, court records show.

Pitts, 24, the man accused in the killing of 68-year-old Lee Arthur Henley, may have been back on the street if he was able to post 10 percent of the bond amount, or $20,000, but Cincinnati police investigators filed an additional charge in hopes of keeping him locked up.

Yates, a Hamilton County Municipal Court judge, told WCPO after the arraignment on Thursday that Pitts is indigent and the bond amount is reasonable. 

Much to the concern of Cincinnati homicide investigators, the original bond amount in the killing sends a bad message, and if the suspect were to bail out, he could potentially intimidate cooperating witnesses – a huge problem for investigators, they said.

WCPO Insiders can hear what the judge had to say about why he set the bond lower than in other homicide cases. And insiders can read more about what Cincinnati police investigators are doing to hold Pitts. 

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