Latest sweep in 9-month gang investigation nets arrests of 'Public Enemy Nos. 1 and 2'

Targeted enforcement leads to arrests

CINCINNATI – The latest arrest sweep of suspected gang members this week stems from a homicide investigation and a large-scale sweep late last year, police sources said.

Spanning the last nine months, authorities have executed two sweeps of suspected gang members, netting 27 arrests and dozens of guns off the streets. The latest sweep, conducted Thursday morning, arrested key Tot Lot gang leader Julius White, 24, who supplied the gang network with heroin, said Assistant Police Chief David Bailey.

The investigation uncovered that members of the criminal organization regularly conspired to commit several different violent offenses, including unlawfully possessing firearms and transferring guns among various members of the criminal organization, officials said.

The investigation also discovered that members of the gang distributed narcotics, mainly heroin, and that members of different gangs acted together on numerous occasions to commit organized thefts, burglaries and robberies.

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