Judge sentences man to 20 years in beating case

CINCINNATI -- Kendell Flucas stood in court Wednesday for beating an elderly man with a rock while trying to rob him. Flucas wanted to withdraw his plea of guilty.

He also wanted to change his lawyer.

The judge he stood before, Ralph Winlker, would not allow either request.

“Here’s a picture of the elderly victim the state provided to me, showing his condition with blood running down his shirt and pretty much a severe head injury condition," Winkler said, holding up the image in court.

In a separate case, Flucas faces a charge of attempting to to hire someone kill a witness set to testify against him.

Winkler brought that up too.

“He (Flucas) appears to me to be a dangerous person because the first thing was to rob and severely injure a senior citizen and when got caught he tried to take a contract out and kill that senior citizen would be unavailable to testify.”

Flucas was charged in September with two counts of felonious assault and one count of attempted robbery for the initial attack.

The prosecutor in the case, Mark Piepmeier, described Flucas as cowardly after Winkler sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

“He only picks on elderly people," Piepmeier said. "Just to see that he’s got this poor old man that he practically beat to death. When he realizes he can’t beat that charge, he takes a step of trying to hire someone to kill him. It’s just scary that people like this are out there.”


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