Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil: 'Astounding how many crimes' associated with drugs

CINCINNATI -- WCPO.com sat down with Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil recently for a Q&A on a range of issues.

Neil was sworn into the job in January 2013, inheriting an office trapped in the past that is still trying to provide high-quality service to the county despite a dwindling budget.

The new administration is changing they way the office does business after nearly three decades of authoritarian leadership. Everything from favoritism in hiring to the lack of advancement that ended former Sheriff Simon Leis’ tenure, Neil is charged with turning around.

The audit of the sheriff’s office exposed how deputies weren't getting enough training, opportunities for advancement, and a records division still using pen and paper.

Notable questions include:

  •   What do you do on a day-to-day basis? What are the responsibilities of your job?
  •   What is your vision for the sheriff’s office?
  •   What are the top three crime concerns that come across your desk?  
  •   How is the department working to eliminate those concerns or improve the situation?
  •   What would your super power be?
  •   What is your earliest memory working in law enforcement?
  •   What is your most memorable moment and why?

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