Ex-police officer to begin false arrest-sentence

CINCINNATI -- A former Cincinnati police officer convicted in 2009 of falsely jailing a teen will begin serving a prison sentence in the case, which went to the Ohio Supreme Court on appeal.

Fifty-two-year-old Julian Steele, of Springfield Township in suburban Cincinnati, was found guilty of intimidation and two counts of abduction for falsely jailing the teen and has been on electronic monitoring. A Hamilton County judge on Monday imposed the 4-year sentence for Steele.

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Prosecutors said Steele knew the teen didn't commit a crime and jailed him to get sexual favors from the boy's mother.

Steele's attorney, Gloria Smith, says he maintains his innocence and will file a motion in federal court to try to get the conviction overturned.

Steele was found not guilty of sex-related charges in the case.

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