Councilman Chris Smitherman speaks out after city's latest homicide

CINCINNATI -- City Councilman Chris Smitherman is speaking out on the uptick of homicides in the city and his words are drawing criticism.

The councilman took to Twitter after the shooting death of a South Cumminsville man.

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Police said 21-year-old Raheem Stenson was shot to death early Saturday -- his death was the city’s 31st homicide so far this year.

Twenty-seven of those victims have been African-Americans.

According to data obtained by WCPO, the homicide rate has increased along with the temperature. Since April 13, there have been eight homicides in the city as compared to five from mid-March through mid-April.

Smitherman said too many black men are killing and dying in the city.

On Sunday he took to Twitter saying:

The first time Smitherman talked about race and homicide he said he would continue to do so -- and he is -- despite the backlash from some in the community.

Some in the community felt he was attack African-Americans when he spoke out before.

Despite that, Smitherman said, "I'm going to continue to talk about it. My discussion will even get more augmented. The weather is warming up and we need our young people to put the guns down.

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