Cincinnati police officials had nothing to indicate foul play, no evidence to request warrant

CINCINNATI – A missing 16-year-old teen in distress.

A lost backpacker trekking through the woods or an adult who chooses to leave home without mention.

There are various reasons why someone goes missing and it's those reasons investigators work to immediately identify when they begin their search. 

The case of Brogan Dulle was uncommon for investigators: He was a seemingly well-adjusted, happy, 21-year-old University of Cincinnati student who seemed to just vanish without a trace. And that left police scrambling to find a plausible theory for his disappearance, they said.

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“Twenty-one-year-olds don’t go missing without a reason,” said criminal investigations commander Capt. Eliot Isaac, who was at the scene of where Dulle’s body was found. “That is extremely rare.”

What also made Dulle’s case so captivating was the ground swell of support the family inspired during the eight days he was missing. And while police officials say the fervent public interest in the case was not a primary factor in dedicating CIS resources, they knew the public sought answers.

“The amount of media attention, coupled with the miraculous momentum of the search, we knew we were obligated to answer the public’s questions.” Isaac said.

WCPO Insiders can read more about how missing persons cases are investigated and what makes Brogan Dulle's case so different from a policing and public policy standpoint.

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