Cincinnati police broaden review of district boundaries

Unified Uptown district under consideration

CINCINNATI – The boundaries of all the city's police districts are under review as officials look to evenly distribute the workload of the police force.

As part of the review, police leaders are considering the possibility of a unified district for the neighborhoods known as Uptown, which includes the University of Cincinnati.

As first reported by WCPO, police leaders are looking into splitting up the city’s busiest police district, the west side's District 3, into two. That review has now broadened to take in all of the city's police districts.

The goal of the updated evaluation is to roughly distribute the police call workload evenly among all the districts, said Assistant Chief James Whalen.

As it stands now, District 3 accounts for close to 30 percent of the police calls, he said. District 3 leads the city’s districts in serious crime, calls for service and lengthy response times. And Chief Jeffrey Blackwell has said the district doesn’t have enough people to handle to the work.

“What may happen in District 3 is that our officers and district leaders may miss details and everyone gets a little war weary,” Whalen said. “The business need of smoothing it out a little bit is certainly there.”

WCPO Insiders may read more about the possible redistricting and why there may be a need to create a unified, independent police district for the Uptown area.

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