We can dream, right? 10 venues that might work if Cincinnati ever hosts the winter Olympics

CINCINNATI - What if Cincinnati hosted the Winter Olympics? The venue possibilities are probably endless, but we narrowed them down to ten. And, as a bonus, see what our Facebook fans think of the Queen City hosting the games.

  1. Skiing/Snowboarding events: Perfect North 
    Sure the trails might be a little...short, but they have lights for night skiing. Plus, they could even add a new event for "snow tubing."

  2. Figure Skating: US Bank Arena.
    At a capacity of 17,556, the home to the Cyclones and annual monster truck shows actually has more seats than the arena in Sochi can hold (12,000)! Complete with $1 beer night. 

  3. Luge/Skeleton: Mt. Adams
    Starting at the Playhouse, this course would actually be fairly challenging, even to the most experienced sled-rides. Parking might be tough.
  4. Ice Hockey: Goggin Ice Center at Miami University
    A state-of-the-art facility built for the Redhwaks would house the international hockey teams of 25+ easily. They could stay in the empty dorms over winter break! Can you say toga party in Finnish?
  5. Curling: Indian Hill Winter Club
    The facility actually already has several curling courts, so... And there's even a cozy fireplace.
  6. Bobsled: Ault Park in Mt. Lookout
    The park hosts the Reggae Run anyway, so it's only natural to adopt this Jamaican-dominated sport. Don't forget your lucky egg. 
  7. Speed Skating: Fountain Square Ice Rink
    What better place to host one of the most popular and intense events than smack dab in the middle of downtown. Skate rentals are just $3! (Please note, the woman pictured below is not competing.) 

  8. Biathlon: Sawyer Point/The Banks/Newport on the Levee
    Cross-country skiing along the banks of the Ohio River while stopping to shoot at stuff? What resident of the Tri-State wouldn't stop by to see this? As long as the river doesn't freeze....
  9. Ski Jumping: Price Hill/Incline District
    Have a nice Italian dinner at Prima Vista, take in the beautiful view of the city and juuuuumpppppppp.... Remember, ski tips up. 
  10. Cross Country Skiing: US 50
    Start at Sayler Park and make your way to Lunken Airport for an open-field sprint to the finish. Hope we get enough snow on the ground for this one....
  11. Bonus! We asked you what would happen if Cincinnati hosted the Winter Olympics on our 9 On Your Side Facebook page. 
    And guess what, we've got a lot of comedians--and good ideas--around town. But, obviously.

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