'Unstoppable' goes to the movies, viral videos and 300 sandwiches in digital week in review

CINCINNATI - From a (sand)wich hunt to a singing traffic reporter (hint: he’s ours!) to a moving YouTube tribute – it’s all in this week’s digital week in review.

If you give a man a sandwich… Ladies, what would you do for an engagement ring? One woman is taking on the ultimate challenge and blogging about it .

Stephanie Smith, a reporter in New York City, is making her boyfriend 300 sandwiches in exchange for a ring. And it’s making some people very angry. Critics are complaining that it’s an slam to feminisms' advances and a publicity stunt. I say it’s a fair trade.

Let’s do the math: An average bistro sandwich costs about $6. Smith is making 300 sandwiches, which would have otherwise cost boyfriend Eric Schulte $1,800. Boom: that’s a one-carat diamond ring right there.

Smith is a self-described “foodie” who loves a good meal, so the way I see it, this was a fun way for her to beef up her blog, create some new recipes, and bank $1,800 toward a shiny new rock. 

Sing it! The viral video of Ben Ames singing to his four-year-old daughter Adelaide to calm her fears of fireworks took off on the Internet this week. It turns out, Ames isn’t the only one who sings to his little one and makes a video. Check out our 9 First Warning Traffic reporter Adam Marshall singing to his little girl: their rendition of “Amazing Grace” is, well, pretty amazing.

In other melodic news, there's "A Song for Ben Flick." As family and friends of Ben Flick and Sean VanDyne grieved over the loss of these two young men this week, Flick’s former football teammate Jake Venable took to his guitar --and YouTube--to offer words of comfort and hope. 

Kirk Cameron proves to be “Unstoppable." Despite--or because of--social media setbacks, Kirk Cameron’s latest project , the documentary Unstoppable proved to have staying power. The one-night showing took place on Sept. 24 in 700 theaters across the country, including two right here in the Tri-State. Missed it? You have another chance to experience the event is coming up on Oct. 3. 

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