11 awesome and typical things to expect when it snows in the Tri-State

CINCINNATI - There's snow in the Tri-State? That means a number of activities and behaviors that will have you saying: "It's funny (or awesome), because it's true."   

1. Everyone stocks up on bread, milk and eggs


2. People take pictures of their dogs frolicking in the snow--and we love it! (Photo of Stryker submitted by Chris H.)

3. People take photos of their dogs wearing outfits in the snow--and we love it! (Photo submitted by Michelle A.)

4. People take photos of patio furniture covered in snow (Photo submitted by Michael in Dent, Oh.)

5. We all ask: Do we get a snow day?

6. We break out the bourbon and/or beer.

7. Hipsters go bar-hopping in OTR or Northside on a weeknight


8. There's a run on chili. 

9. People who maybe shouldn't be driving are driving. (Photo by Christian Hauser, 9 On Your  Side)

10. We rediscover the beauty of the Tri-State (Photo by Melisse Marks, 9 On Your Side)

11. We get in touch with our inner child! (Photo submitted by Amy F., Fort Thomas)

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