The digital week asks: Is Cincinnati the center of the Twitterverse? Can an app stop sexting?

CINCINNATI - Last week, chili had the Tri-State a-Twitter. This week, we learn via the Washington Post that Cincinnati is the hub of Twitter trends. Read on! 

Cincinnati’s trendy on Twitter. Cincinnati is known for a few things: chili (and chili wars). Montgomery Inn ribs and sauce. Graeter’s. Our often tumultuous sports teams. But Twitter savvy? Apparently so! A new Washington Post story  pinpoints Cincinnati as one of the major cities where trending topics on Twitter are born. Puzzled? Indiana University researchers who conducted the study can’t figure out why Cincinnati is a hotbed for Twitter buzz, either.

Our theory? A confluence of factors, including a close-knit community; a mass of marketing experts; a bounty of bloggers; team spirit (see @Reds, @Bengals) and a very savvy population of creative types.

Down goes Facebook. Facebook users here and nationwide were in for a shock Monday morning when they discovered they were unable to post status updates. That old adage is true: You don’t know what you've got ‘til it’s gone.

While Facebook occasionally has isolated issues with status updates, the platform rarely sees outages on a global level like it did on Oct. 21.

A few brands immediately capitalized on Facebook’s outage. My personal favorite? The “Read a Book” meme.

New Jersey gets on board with marriage equality. As of midnight on Oct. 21, New Jersey became the 14th state to recognize same-sex marriage, and couples lined up to make their union official with Newark Mayor Cory Booker officiating. Social media was buzzing with photo and tweets from Newark City Hall – check out BuzzFeed’s story and photos.

YouTube one-ups Spotify. “Think Spotify, but with video.” That’s how YouTube’s reported new “premium, on-demand music service” is described in a story . The video sharing site, never to be outdone by the likes of music apps and social networks, is almost ready to launch the new service that will allow users to sample a catalog of tunes for free and an even wider selection (they compared it to Google’s All Access subscription music service) if you pay up.

Bob Evans steps up to fight cancer. Ohio-based restaurant chain Bob Evans is joining in the fight against childhood cancer with it’s “Make a Face at Cancer” Facebook campaign, now in its second year. When a Bob Evans employee’s son was diagnosed with leukemia at age 7, the company decided to help out and donate money to CureSearch for Childhood Cancer for each new “like” they received on Facebook. They’re hoping to gain 10,000 new “likes” this year and donate $10,000 for the cure. Have you “liked” them on Facebook yet?

Sexting shutdowns get silly. A recent study found that six out of ten teens have sexted. That means there are still four out of ten teens who aren’t caving to textual pressure. And now, they have a partner in the battle against sexts: a new app, Zipit, offers anti-sexters a humorous and witty way to gently shut down unwanted messages. Check out WCPO’s story on Zipit and see a sample of some of some hilarious memes.

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