Sing it! Kentucky choir crooners take over the Internet with musical tribute to US Olympic team

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Kentuckians, to you this may be old news, but it’s awesomely fresh to many other folks on the Internet.

The Kentucky All-State Choir meets each year in Louisville for the Kentucky Music Educations Association Professional Development Conference, according to the KMEA website.

This year the songbirds are in town from Feb. 5-8, and they're spending some of that time in the hallways of the 18-story Louisville Hyatt paying tribute to the United States.

According to WDRB in Louisville, each night during the conference, at 11 p.m., everyone comes out into the hotel’s hallways and balconies and starts to sing the Star Spangled Banner.

The singing caught some hotel guests off-guard , but most were impressed.


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