Parody, serious and seriously funny: 10 Cincinnati Twitter accounts you might want to know about

CINCINNATI - So, maybe they're not legit, but they sure are funny. Area 513 took a look at some of the best parody Twitter accounts in the Tri-State. Enjoy.

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  1. @WCPOChopper
    "Just hovering over Cincy." A parody account is the sincerest form of flattery, after all. 
  2. @CincyProblems 
    "Official place for #CincyProblems- Cuz it ain't easy livin' in the Nati." Not exactly a parody account, but truly the Godfather of Cincy-based Twitter accounts that tell it how it is, using satire. 
  3. @TheCranleyMan
    "Mayor-Elect John Cranley, (Just for fun, obviously) The 16% have spoken!" Because there just aren't enough John Cranley parody accounts..
  4. @FakeEnquirer.
    "Various news across the Tri-State and world." For those looking for a different take on your typical headlines.
  5. @SeinfeldUC
    "If the cast of Seinfleld went to the University of Cincinnati..." 
  6. @CincyStreetcar
    Another account that isn't exactly a parody. In fact, @CincyStreetcar is pretty serious about all things streetcar. 
  7. @SpenceBridge 
    "I get pretty bored from blocking major progress in the Tri-State area, so I thought I'd tweet my thoughts. My Mom always told me I'm fine, just the way I am."
  8. @DidRedsWin 
    "Your only definitive source for the outcomes of Cincinnati #Reds baseball games immediately after they are played." A.k.a. The most important "yes" or "no" you'll hear from anyone, anywhere, all season. 
  9. @DidBearcatsWin
    "#HottestCollegeinAmerica'" Much like @DidRedsWin, but not that important if you're an XU fan.
  10. @DarthSmitherman
    "I have embraced my enemy. I am a political animal, who sold out to the darkest of evil to expand my own power. A parody-ish account. The farce is strong in me." Um, okay. 


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