High school bragging rights, ice cream, chili and goetta: 17 fights you won't win in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI - We did an unscientific poll around the water cooler and found we can all agree to disagree on at least 17 things. Tell us what sides you come down on in these do-or-die battles.

Fights you won't win in Cincinnati

Get the full effect: See this list with the images.

  1. East Side vs. West Side
    The mother of all unwinnable fights.
    East Side v. West Side
  2. Skyline vs. Gold Star
    Unless you want to deal with "...because it's better" logic all day.
    Battle of the Chili
  3. Graeter's vs. Aglamesis Bros.
    Some people are pretty serious about chocolate chips.
    Ice Cream
  4. Ohio vs. Kentucky
    It's a hard battle when each side refers to the other as "across the river."
    Which state is better
  5. Where you went to high school vs. where someone else went to high school
    Because this is almost as important as your name when it comes to your identity.
    Where did you go to school
  6. LaRosa's vs. any other pizza 
    Do you even know your home phone number anymore? Probably not, but you can recite the LaRosa's digits without blinking an eye.
    It's ok, you can sing it
  7. Loving goetta vs. "Gross. Why would you?"
    A lot of these fights are over food. What does that say about us? Never mind.
    Omnomnom or ick
  8. OTR then vs. now
    Old reputations die hard, but hipsters may win out.
    Old school!
  9. Opening Day vs. every other day
    Actually, not even sure if anyone would argue this isn't the best day of the year.
  10. Pete Rose: Good vs. Evil
    Or good enough to be in the Hall of Fame even if he was evil enough to bet on baseball?
    Chillin 4256 style
  11. Love the Bengals vs. love the Bengals enough to buy a ticket
    Or maybe we can all agree the NFL blackout isn't very fair at all?
    NFL jerks. 
  12. UC vs. Xavier
    Crosstown Shootout--er, CLASSIC--anybody?
    Crosstown Throwdown
  13. Bogart's vs. Riverbend
    Maybe this depends on what kind of music you're into.
    Get a little crazy
  14. Best local beer
    Because who drinks Bud Light in this town anymore?
    Don't be a sucker, drink local
  15. Oktoberfest: Downtown vs. Covington and Germania vs. Donauschwaben 
    Let's just agree whichever one has the shortest Porta-Potty line probably wins.
    Battle of the booze
  16. Streetcar: Yay or nay?
    This might be the question of the year.
    What does the streetcar say?
  17. Ohio vs. Kentucky part two: Which side of the river is best to watch Riverfest?
    PS. We'd love if you'd share your secret spot, but you don't have to.
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