From the politician who really ran to the woman who brought sexy back: Local people of the year

CINCINNATI - TIME magazine selected Pope Francis as 2013's Person of the Year on Dec. 11, which got us at Cintagious wondering: which local figures (both living and, well, not living) would be on your list?

We didn't do a survey or consult any experts; instead, we simply asked our viewers and social media community.  

1. P.G. Sittenfeld

No one could get away from P.G. during election season. That worked out well for him too, because he trumped his opponents for Cincinnati City Council with literally thousands of votes.

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2. Pope Francis

He's not from the Tri-State, but doesn't he really belong to all of us? TIME’s choice was our Facebook fan favorite, too.

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3. Eric Deters

The controversial, high profile attorney is hard to miss on social media. He even posted updates on various social media accounts as he was battling a "rare infection" in the hospital.

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4. The Cincy Streetcar

Maybe you're for it. Maybe you're against. One thing’s for sure: even if you don’t live in the city, you probably have an opinion.

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5. Stephen Leeper

Ever notice how the bars are crowded, reservation lists are long and parking is a nightmare downtown? You can thank Stephen Leeper, who runs the Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC) that is working to revitalize the urban core.

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6. You! 

Many of you have high self-esteem, which is healthy--right? We actually agree: You're awesome!

7. Santa Ono

#HottestCollegeInAmerica, duh. The UC president is the university's biggest cheerleader.

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8. Bryan Price

Because Reds. That is all. 

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9. Andy Dalton

Because Bengals. That is all.

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10. The man in the yellow pants, from the Cincinnati Chamber: Watch the video

Like he says, we're Cincinnati and we do what we love. Sometimes that means wearing colored pants in a video. 

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11. Jean-Robert de Cavel

He's a chef who's mentored others and who continues to make our mouths water. Plus, he and his wife throw an awesome annual brunch benefit for SIDS research.

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12. John Boehner

Again, a love-him-or-hate him-choice. Still, he's our very own deeply tanned, in-touch-with-his emotions lawmaker and a major player in all things Washington.

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13. Patty Brisben

For bringing sexy back to downtown. The founder and chairwoman of Pure Romance relocated the business and was able to keep it in Ohio this year.

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Who would YOU add to this list? Connect with @WCPO on Twitter using the hashtag #Cintagious and let us know!

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