9 signs that Cincinnati runners are seriously getting ready for the 2014 Flying Pig Marathon

CINCINNATI - It's time, Tri-State. Runners are getting serious about the Flying Pig Marathon, which hits the street on May 4. We asked our 9 On Your Side Facebook fans what they're doing to get ready. And they told us.

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  1. They'll be running. Outside. Finally.
    Since above freezing days were practically balmy this winter, you'll see these runners out the moment inches of ice and snow start to thaw.
  2. The treadmills at the gym are empty.
    This is because, if your Facebook newsfeed has told you anything, runners aren't always to fond of running on the treadmill. And they will post pictures of this online. P.S. 9 On Your Side Facebook fans? They're looking forward to getting off the treadmills, too.
  3. Also, in preparation, Instagrams of feet, particularly in running shoes, will be posted.
    These are probably by the same people who posted screenshots of negative temperatures from their weather apps.

  4. Training.
    Obviously. For some, it's with running groups like Bob Roncker's and Tri-State Running Company. Some go solo or run with a friend. Regardless, running a big one means starting small and giving yourself time to get ready.

  5. Running.
    Intervals. 'Easy' days. Strength training days. Long runs. And those who 'Only run when being chased.' There will be a lot of this. 

  6. Alternative "training"
    Running isn't for everyone. Some people just need some time to train for watching people complete their runs.

  7. Then comes the diet...
    Healthy eating is one of the things you told us you're doing to get ready to run! 

  8. Water. Water. Water.
    ...the gallons upon gallons of drinking water....

  9. And, of course, costume planning, designing and execution takes some time.
    Lookin' fly.

But... 26.2 (or 13.1) miles later, it's all worth it! Right?

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