7 Cincinnati eCards we'd love to see: Opening Day, the chili wars, quality OTR hipster time & more

We've all spent at least some time looking through eCards at some point, so we wondered what some Cincinnati-themed eCards would look like. Any other ideas? Let us know.

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  1. Opening Day.
    Next time, wear a disguise to the game.
  2. Snow days. 
    Please, when is it NOT a snow day?
  3. Cincinnati Chili
    It is what it is. Deal with it.
  4. Going out to anything wildly popular in  Over-The-Rhine
    Remember to wear your skinny jeans.
  5. Being proud of our local beers and breweries.
    Don't even think about asking for Bud Light.
  6. Traffic
    Time to catch up on some behind-the-wheel selfies.
  7. Skyline vs. Goldstar
    Best to keep your preferences to yourself?
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