13 offbeat and awesome Cincinnati murals and (in most cases) the stories behind them

CINCINNATI - If walls in our city could talk they’d sing, and the music would be murals.

You can find them adorning buildings, bridges and bricks all over Cincinnati. Since 1996, the nonprofit ArtWorks has brought 67 murals to our neighborhoods. Others have more organic origins. 

From the streets of the West End to the heart of Northside, here’s tour of some of the most offbeat and awesome, thanks to photographer and WCPO Contributor Samantha Grier and WCPO Multimedia Producer Libby Duebber.

Our video includes information about most of the murals. There are some cases where we don't know the artist or origin. If you do, please drop me a line!

Libby Cunningham, Community Manager Libby.Cunningham@WCPO.com

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