11 answers to the question, 'If 2014 were a leap year, what would you do with the extra day?'

CINCINNATI - February kicks off on Saturday. This is not a leap year; in fact the next one is 2016. That got us wondering, what would you do with an extra day this year? Our Facebook fans have a few ideas!

  1. Another day of snow and ice.
    It'd be all fun and games for school kids any other year, but now that many districts are out of calamity days, they might be pulling their hair out over school cutting into summer vacation. Meanwhile, parents have been feeling this way since snow day number six.
  2. Cha-ching: The cash keeps flowin' because it's an extra day of work
    Another day, another dollar. Or dollars, really. Everybody's got time for that.
  3. Cha-ching part two: Another day to LOOK for a job
    Finding a full-time job is a full-time job, so...
  4. Time to PARTY!
    Leap years are the only remedy to a major party foul: People with Feb. 29 birthdays only get to celebrate once every four years. Then again, maybe it's better to be technically 11 years old instead of 44? Bonus: If this is your wedding anniversary, your spouse can't be mad if you forget.
  5. A day of honor
    Many of us who have lost loved ones on Feb. 29 can take extra time to pause in honor and remembrance of them.
  6. Get schooled
    February is Black History Month, so another day of education is something we can get behind.
  7. World domination
    It's the millennial dream, after all. Kudos to popular 1990s cartoon "Pink and the Brain" for putting this idea into every 20-something's head years ago. In case you forget, or don't know what we're talking about, take a look.  
  8. Nothing
    I mean, for some it's just another day off, after all.
  9. Try my luck at the casino
    Not sure if Feb. 29 is particularly lucky, but if you're gambling you probably don't care anyway....
  10. March 1st birthday people...
    ...Might or might not like waiting an extra day for their birthday.
  11. Save 'em
    Maybe if we saved enough Feb. 29 days we'd get a free month one year. Who wants to start a petition?
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