10 places to avoid if you're single and already sick of Valentine's Day

CINCINNATI - Listen, all of these places are fabulous when you've got a sweetie. That's why you need to avoid them if Feb. 14 is actually your Singles Awareness Day.

  1. The Cincinnati Dinner Train
    It's dinner, on a train. Already sounds fabulous, right? Any other night of the year it'd be fine to fly solo here. But since private cars are available this weekend, you might want to think twice.
  2. White Castle
    With X's and O's made out of Chicken Rings and French fries, it's no secret that White Castle wants to be the joint for lovers on Valentine's Day. So if you're single, you might just want to slide on through the drive-thru for some sliders.
  3. McDonald's
    You're safe if you are planning on a romantic Big Mac dinner in the Tri-State, because the McDonald's Candlelight Dinner, complete with musical selections by Ron, is only available in North Carolina. Well, for now.
  4. Mios Pizzeria
    Because there's nothing worse than ordering a romantic, heart-shaped pizza, when you're just hoping for extra cheese and bacon to be your dates.
  5. Busken Bakery
    From heart-shaped cookies, to conversation heart cookies and cookies with lipstick marks, baked goods just got uncomfortable.
  6. Skyline Chili
    Chili parlors? People fall in love year-round in those places, so just avoid 'em on Feb. 14, unless you're hoping to find someone who's also looking for love and a 3-way.
  7. The Cincinnati Library
    Pretty much every branch of the library, or at least many of them, is holding an event. Maybe it's not the best day to get lost in a book.
  8. Mt. Adams Pavilion: Lady in Red event
    Then again, the invite says you should go if you're single or looking, so this could be good.
  9. Your mailbox
    Especially if it's communal. Cities like Loveland and Romeo, Mich. take part in a postmark cancelation program. That means lovers can send their significant others letters from some of the sappiest sounding places on earth. Ew.
  10. The candy aisle, anywhere.
    Once more, this holiday continues its rampage on comfort food, meaning you won't be able to step down an aisle in the grocery without seeing a reminder. But hey, it could be fun to see what Valentine's Day candy you identify with.
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