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Bullets fired at Monroe homes have residents fed up, afraid

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MONROE, Ohio - Stray bullets are leaving a series of scars across a Monroe neighborhood.

At least one gunman has fired shots that have struck several homes in the community.

While no one has been hurt to date, neighbors are fed up.

One man in the community is speaking out after several .308 caliber bullets pierced the side of his home June 28. At least one of the bullets landed in his bedroom.

"We found the first hole on the outside wall, then we found another hole on the other side, then we found the one on the dresser," said Nichols, who was at work at the time of the incident.

Nichols said his wife was drying her hair when the bullet went through the home.

His wife said she was alerted to the gunshots when their dog, Bitsy, heard a strange sound and ran into the bedroom to check it out.

When local police came to investigate the incident Nichols learned that bullet that struck the dresser in his bedroom first ricocheted off his porch and then pierced through the wall of the house.

While finding bullet holes in his house surprised him, Nichols said he wasn't surprised that shots were fired in the neighborhood.

"We know people go down in here shooting guns. We've seen them," said Nicolas, who is curious why the people were firing guns in the first place. "They're not supposed to right? No. Police say this is city limits and you aren't allowed to shoot a gun? That's what they're saying."

Nichols' family isn't the only one in the neighborhood dealing with the problem.

Several of Nichols' neighbors who said their homes have also been hit by stray bullets.

Police have not indicated a motive for the shots being fired at the homes but they continue to investigate.

In the meantime, Nichols hopes police can figure out where the bullets are coming from.

"I hope they figure it out before someone gets killed," he said.


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