You (or your Lent observing friends) can say a prayer of thanks: 7 signs Lent is almost over

CINCINNATI - For those who are going without, the end of Lent can't come enough. Fear not, here are seven signs that will have you saying a prayer of thanks.

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  1. You're actually getting sick of fish frys.
    There’s probably never too much of a good thing, but there’s a good reason for keeping fried fish overload to one season.
  2. You're missing meat on Fridays.
    Or, your friends who don’t observe Lent are looking forward to a cheese coney run with you very soon.
  3. Palms. Everywhere. 
    April 13 was Palm Sunday. So if you’re out and about, you may still think you're in the tropics.
  4. The lines for the Easter Bunny at the mall have gotten shorter.
    Easter Sunday is April 20 this weekend. Chances are most people have gotten their adorable (or embarrassing) Easter photos snapped by now
  5. It’s almost been 40 days since you’ve given something up for Lent.
    And on the 41st day, you already have big plans for how you're going to indulge. 
  6. Chocolate crosses, everywhere.
    And that's just the beginning....
  7. Two words: Easter. Candy.
    Fanatics have probably been indulging in Reese's Peanut Butter eggs since they hit the shelves, but these seasonal candies will be gone soon, so get 'em while you can! 
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