VIDEO: Knock it out of the park, Reds! Hope springs eternal for Opening Day and beyond

CINCINNATI - It never fails. The high hopes that sweep across the Tri-State during and after the Opening Day parade give us that feeling we've been craving all winter: We're going all the way this year! 

Well, the Reds lost more than half of their pre-season games. And, Aroldis Chapman has a headful of stitches. And the Redlegs have a new(ish) manager.

You can read what 9 On Your Side's Ken Broo and fellow WCPO staffers predict for the season . And you can watch  Brandon Phillips explain how he plans to set the diamond on fire.

And you--we--can hope.

  • WATCH the video above and share to cheer the Reds to an Opening Day victory!

Video produced by Flaming Medusa Studios , Cincinnati

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